Development process

Mobile Developers Team

With the increasing popularity of mobile platforms and almost 2 billion of smartphone users in the world, it is clear that no IT company can ignore them anymore. Being aware of how crucial mobile presence will eventually become, in Sigmapoint we pay special attention to mobile solutions and we betted hugely on Android, iOS and Windows Phone as a platforms to succeed. Our mobile app developers constantly strive to turn their deep knowledge and software engineering skills to provide the highest quality code. With the experience gained in dozens of successfully shipped mobile applications, we are able to deliver products that will meet your expectations and IT standards.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development

You might have been wondering what is the benefit of outsourcing mobile app development? One of the biggest advantages is a guarantee that your mobile app will be developed by mobile engineers with extensive experience in platform-specific API, backed up with effective project management process in Agile/Scrum. This process ensures that your mobile app will match current UI/UX standards of the platform and will have no performance issues which results in plenty of satisfied end-users. While we're taking care of development and handle all facets of creating your application, you can easily focus on the core aspects of your business.

Take a quick look at this infographic below, to see how it works and how simple is cooperation process with us.


Developing MVP Mobile App for your startup

Over past few years mobile market grew and grew, to become a segment with almost 2 billion users. Access to such a huge segment of the population seems like a great opportunity, especially for mobile startups trying to develop their MVP and easily reach a broader audience. We are perfectly aware of how crucial it is for startups to deliver their first product to the market and test the initial business hypothesis. With a deep understanding of Lean Startup methodology we will advise you on what is the best possible combination of features that will go along with current mobile trends. Moreover, our team offers complete support and maintenance of developed applications so that you can focus on your customer success and user engagement.

Frameworks and technologies we use for Android development

We take the whole process of software engineering seriously. We use only sterling libraries and reliable solutions for Android development to guarantee solidness (dependability). Therefore our applications are covered with Roboelectric unit tests to automate as much work as possible. If something happens to go wrong, we let Crashlytics handle it, which makes finding and fixing bugs a lot faster and efficient. By using Android Studio to develop apps, with Gradle as a build tool, we are able to smoothly create proper project's structure that can be easily maintained, developed and supported in the future. Understanding importance of communication within the team as well as keeping track of progress, we use Asana, JIRA and Teamwork, all designed to enable successful teamwork.

Frameworks and technologies we use for iOS development

With iOS being one of the leading mobile platform, it is vital to ensure its appropriate treatment. In iOS apps our developers create pixel-perfect UI following Human Interface Guidelines. We love Constraints and AutoLayout so our apps scale easily on iPhones and iPads. With responsiveness in our mind we utilize top Apple’s technologies like CoreData, GCD background queues and push notifications to make your app work smoothly and be rock solid. If something goes wrong anyway, we let Crashlytics hold our back.